Réouverture des salles: pour reprendre comme un champion !

Reopening of rooms: to resume like a champion!

What are body aches

 After 7 months of training at home, a reduction in the loads, in the frequency of training: the aches are there for this recovery.

First, be aware that body aches after sport are completely normal.

They affect everyone, from the beginner to the great athlete. Following a physical activity, your muscles may have been solicited in a repeated and unusual way and have suffered micro-traumas or muscle micro-lesions.

During the recovery phase, your damaged muscle tissue will regenerate and this will manifest itself in an inflammatory reaction. That's what's going to cause that muscle soreness. However, it is a positive signal sent by the body, proof that you have worked well and that you are progressing!

These aches actually allow the muscles to adapt to the effort.

That said, be careful and respect your body and its rhythm, or risk exposing yourself to injuries: contractures, tendonitis or tears.

How to recover better after your session?

Alas, there is no miracle method to completely avoid aches, however: you can reduce them and better prepare your sessions. We tell you just below!

1/ Warm up well

The warm-up helps to limit injuries: we thus avoid "brutalizing" the body which is still "cold": we therefore warm up its joints, as well as all its muscles before its session

On the other hand, it has not been proven that it prevents aches: the muscle will still present micro-lesions, responsible for aches, if it is unusually stressed, whether hot or cold...

2/ A healthy and tasty snack to fill up on energy

Preparing well for your session, and achieving your goals (performance, weight loss, strength gain, etc.) also involves the plate and quality supplements!

The pre-workout snack should be easy to digest, and made up mostly of protein (for building lean muscle mass) and carbohydrates (for energy).

That's good: our rice cream (link to product sheet) provides 77g of carbohydrates per 100g of product, it is quick to digest, and gluten-free.

Our whey isolate: available in 4 flavors (red fruits, chocolate, vanilla or cookie) contains 99% protein per 100g! Without fats or aspartame.

Simple, high quality and labeled ingredients for a healthy snack full of energy!
Rice cream is available in all kinds of recipes: Receive your Ebook of recipes as a gift for any purchase of rice cream: here

3/ Quality supplementation to improve performance

 Sports goals are not limited to the training session: a healthy lifestyle and quality supplements are also necessary!

To better recover:


Our BCAA is labeled vegan: which makes it possible in particular to find in this formula a high level of amino acids essential to those who do not consume animal proteins: for effective muscle reconstruction, better muscle gain and optimal recovery.


In addition to physical recovery, glutamine is essential for good intestinal health (find our article on the benefits of glutamine for the intestines here )

It is the most common amino acid in the blood and in the muscles. They are useful for building strength and optimizing muscle growth and recovery.

When to consume it? Before training, after and even before bedtime, you can spread the intake several times over the day. Find all its information on the product sheet: here

For a pre-training boost:

It's hard to find motivation after a long day at work: to give you a good boost, nothing better than an energy drink

Our Energy SHARK is rich in taurine and caffeine, 2 essential active ingredients to wake up well for a crazy workout!

Stimulate your body and maximize congestion: Shark Attack is 3 effects combined in 1 product to allow an explosive and dynamic session: renewed energy and dynamism, maximum congestion, increase in your performance.

Do you play sports, eat healthy but you can't lose your extra pounds?

Associated with our drainer : the synergy between these two products makes it possible to fight essentially against water retention and to reduce cellulite , a problem that many women encounter and which slows down weight loss. Water-laden tissues thus lose their volume and take on a more toned appearance.

Good daily health above all else

In addition to sports recovery, we also support you on a daily basis: deficiencies, digestive problems, sleep, change of season: it is essential, especially for sportsmen and women to optimize their sessions thanks to all the necessary minerals and vitamins, which you can find it in our health section : here

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