Dear sharks, your loyalty is now rewarded! Discover without further ado the SHARK POINTS CARD!

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What is the Shark Points Card?

The Shark Points Card is Ironshark Nutrition's loyalty card.

It allows you to accumulate Shark Points.

It was launched on 31/10/2022, the date from which you can start accumulating your points.

What are Shark Points?

Shark Points are points that each customer earns for a purchase on the website.

How many Shark Points does a product give me?

Each product has a set number of points. The points of each product are noted in each of their sheets, right next to the price displayed.

What are Shark Points used for?

You accumulate your Shark Points to be able to benefit from reductions and other products offered.

How do I participate in the Shark Points program?

Simply click on the “Shark Points” widget at the bottom left of your screen and follow the registration steps.

How do I redeem my Shark Points for offers?

Once an order has been placed, you will receive an email indicating the number of points earned. You will then just have to log in to your account to redeem your points if the balance is sufficient. Otherwise, all you have to do is accumulate your Shark Points.

Please note, once the Shark Points have been exchanged, there is no going back.

What is the benefit of waiting and collecting Shark Points?

Accumulating your Shark Points allows you to hold the sufficient balance to benefit from the offer you want.

How to get even more Shark Points?

Each customer can get even more Shark Points when they do a particular action, such as creating their customer account, referring a friend, etc.

How many Shark Points does a particular action give me?

Each action has a set number of points. The points for each action are indicated on the action itself in your account.

Is there an expiration date?

Yes, Shark Points are valid for 12 months from the time you place your order or take your particular action.

How much is a Shark Point worth?

A Shark Point is worth €0.01

Where can I view my Shark Points information?

Simply click on the “Shark Points” widget at the bottom left of your screen and log in to your account.

I've earned Shark Points but I can't find them in my Shark Points account. How come ?

There can be several answers:

  • The order has not yet been processed by our team: the points are not yet added
  • The order has been cancelled: the Shark Points are then also cancelled.
  • The order has been returned: the Shark Points obtained with this order are then canceled once the order has been received in our warehouse.
  • One or more items in the order have been returned: the Sharks Points obtained by purchasing the item(s) are then cancelled.