Our history

Accompany you in your sports and fitness projects thanks to quality products: our mission .

Our history

Founded by Florent Dorizon , physical trainer, Ironshark Nutrition was born in December 2019. This desire to always better support his students led him to develop sports nutrition products with safe ingredients. It is therefore with the requirement of a French brand that we wish to offer you the best.

We favor patented and labeled products, in which you can trust .

Through active listening to your needs , and a permanent search for the best raw materials, we want to provide you with the best.

We offer three ranges adapted according to the objectives of each.

Optimize your athletic performance, improve your health and well-being, promote access to a healthy diet, these are the objectives of Ironshark Nutrition.

Florent Dorizon

An atypical journey

Florent Dorizon

With a complicated childhood and school difficulties, it was during adolescence that Florent Dorizon turned to bodybuilding. Determined, he continued his studies in the automobile while working. Subsequently, he began a career as a railway worker, but always continuing his activities as a bodybuilder.

It was in 2016 that he began sports coaching , with the desire to support people wishing to exceed their limits!

The creation of Ironshark Nutrition

Iron Shark Nutrition was originally intended exclusively for students coached by Florent Dorizon. This desire to offer quality food supplements in its sports programs has continued with the creation of its own products. Thus, his students benefited from products they could trust .

It is with such enthusiasm that Florent Dorizon decides to expand his range and offer Iron Shark Nutrition for everyone !

Shark Rice Cream

Our flagship product: Shark Rice Cream , ideal for your daily meals!

rice cream

The Shark Rice Cream or rice cream is perfect for all your recipes! We have developed it to bring you indulgence during your meals. Sweet or savory, you choose. Gluten-free and made with white rice only, it is suitable for all diets!

Gluten-free and made with white rice only, it is suitable for all diets ! In addition, our Shark Rice Cream is consumable at all ages, children and adults and even during pregnancy!

Over time, and according to your opinions , we have expanded the range by offering you several new flavors. Your feedback is very important, we pay special attention to it.

Beyond its nutritional benefits , rice cream is also a way to vary your diet, while taking care of yourself.

Our vision

Ironshark Nutrition always by your side!

Our vision

We want to provide excellent products accessible to all!

Our philosophy ? Respect your needs and your objectives whatever they are!

Ironshark Nutrition makes it a point of honor to provide you with accessible premium professional products .

Trust with our community is essential, we are always listening on our various networks. Ironshark Nutrition is much more than dietary supplements that will allow you to exceed your limits, it's a life changer !

Our greatest success is when you achieve your goals!

Why Ironshark?

Ironshark Nutrition logo

The shark, more than an emblem

At Ironshark Nutrition, the shark represents strength , determination and power . Through each of our products, we transmit these values ​​in order to support you in the pursuit of your objectives.

Iron, a bold metal

This robust and inflexible metal characterizes the vision of Ironshark Nutrition, to always offer you more quality, without ever relaxing our efforts.

The shark associated with iron symbolizes the promise of Iron Shark Nutrition, dynamism, determination and quality product!