La cellulite


Cellulite is nothing more than fat.

That is to say, the fat you will have on your stomach will be the same as on your thighs or buttocks (where cellulite is generally found).⁣

However, cellulite comes from the fact that the fat is arranged in a disordered way under the dermis of the skin! ⁣

It tends to appear especially in women (we are not equal on this point ladies because we are not designed the same!) ⁣

But it is not inevitable, it generally becomes conspicuous when your body fat rate increases. ⁣

It will therefore often appear much more on very well-known areas such as the buttocks, thighs or even on the arms (it will depend on where your body stores the most).⁣

Some factors can aggravate the appearance of cellulite:⁣

  • Hormonal issues ⁣
  • Lack of hydration ⁣
  • Inactivity ⁣
  • Traffic problems⁣

How to fight against this cellulite? ⁣

Woman doing sports

You already have to remember that having cellulite is NORMAL, it's not death.⁣

Your best ally? Simply lose fat.⁣

  • Since cellulite is fat, the more you lose the less it will be visible.⁣
  • For that ? Nothing could be simpler: THE DIET. ⁣

Another simple thing, practice a sports activity, nothing obliges you to do weight training if it puts you off. Cycling, swimming, running etc etc ⁣

It doesn't matter, whatever happens, a sporting activity will be beneficial for you to lose fat but also to tone you up and keep you healthy. (These days, being healthy is a luxury!)⁣

  • Good hydration will also be your ally.⁣


And finally last little tips: lipids! So controversial among most people who are thinking about cutting them out to lose fat.

You absolutely need it to be healthy!

But good fats that are unsaturated.

(Walnut oil, almonds, omega 3 etc)

They are the key to improving or overcoming certain hormonal problems.

They will also participate in the proper functioning of your thyroid, without an active thyroid weight loss may be compromised but also cause other problems that we will see in a future post.

Thanks to Kevin Monnereau, IRONSHARK coach for this relevant text!

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