Une protéine maigre qui tient ses promesses : 0 graisses, 0 lactose

A lean protein that keeps its promises: 0 fat, 0 lactose

Ironshark Nutrition's whey isolate has many qualities:

Iso Shark
  • High in protein (91%!)
  • Rich in BCAAs
  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Zero sugars and fats
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Labeled ISOLAC
  • Contains digestive enzymes that improve digestion

Its very fine texture allows us to obtain perfect miscibility with any liquid (water, milk, etc.).

Its mild and very pleasant taste will suit everyone, without leaving a chemical aftertaste.

It is different from classic whey because of its faster digestion and higher protein content.

If you prefer to consume your whey isolate in the form of a sorbet: mix it with ice cubes like Radka to obtain a protein ice cream. For a complete snack, just add a carbohydrate source like Ironshark Nutrition Rice Cream and you'll have smooth ice cream.

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