Le sport pour les débutants

Sport for beginners

Do you want to start a physical activity , but you don't know where to start? Iron Shark Nutrition accompanies you with real advice that will help you achieve your goals !

(T1) How to start the sport?

find motivation

Put aside all your apprehensions and doubts! Find a niche in your schedule and stick to it. When you start a new habit, you have to integrate it into your routine gradually but rigorously !

Over time, it will be your favorite date of the week and no longer a constraint like in the past.

Motivation also depends on the choice of your physical activity . This one must please you, it is imperative if you want to stick to it for the long term. You can also alternate between several sports to avoid getting bored . Outdoor and/or collective activities are also interesting options to boost your motivation!

How to define the frequency and intensity of your physical activity?

This may vary depending on your current physical condition, age, sporting history, etc. However, for any (re)starting the sport, it is advisable to go gradually. Both on the frequency of the sessions, and on their intensity.

Listening to your body should be your priority, this way you will avoid injuries and exhaustion. Starting the sport at home is a good way to take your time, to appropriate the exercises and the movements to be performed.

What dietary supplements are beneficial for fitness?

To accompany you throughout your fitness, Iron Shark Nutrition has developed food supplements dedicated to sports nutrition .

To be in great shape before your sessions, our rice cream will become your essential! Excellent source of carbohydrate , it will provide you with all the energy you will need for your workouts. In addition to being delicious thanks to its many flavors, it is also very healthy !

When you engage in physical activity, it's important to pay attention to your recovery . If your body recovers properly between sessions, it means you will progress faster and more efficiently.

Amino acids are known to contribute greatly to the reconstruction of muscle tissue. Among them, our BCAA Shark 8.1.1 and our Gluta Shark allow you an optimal recovery . Their role is to promote muscle reconstruction while contributing to protein synthesis.

What sports for beginners?


Very easy to start, fitness allows you to go at your own pace with progressive intensity . In addition, it is very accessible, you can practice it at home with very little equipment. Be careful, however, to perform the movements well, and pay attention to your posture to avoid injuries.


More original, climbing is a fun sport that will teach you agility and flexibility, in addition to building muscle ! Hyper trendy, you will necessarily find a room near you!


Ideal for working muscles, joints and tendons in depth . Pilates allows you to move in a gentle way . It is a physical activity often associated with a more physical sport, which will improve your flexibility.


Walking is a great way to burn calories and improve your posture. At the rate of 10,000 steps a day, your body will be more toned and more enduring . Less harmful to the joints than running, daily walking is undoubtedly the easiest way to get back into shape progressively and efficiently.

With all our advice, all you have to do is go for it to achieve your goals! Up to you !

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