Les probiotiques pour affronter l'hiver

Probiotics to face the winter

Every winter, viruses proliferate.

How to protect yourself and counter these infections?

How do probiotics work? Explanations 💡

About 60% of immune system cells are concentrated in the intestine.

They play a vital role in sorting out harmful bacteria and those which, on the contrary, are beneficial to health. 

However, stress, fatigue, an unbalanced diet or taking antibiotics can disrupt the intestinal flora and weaken this defense system. Hence the interest of a preventive course of probiotics: these "friendly" bacteria will in a way occupy the space and leave as few entry routes as possible for the germs at the origin of winter infections.

How do these probiotics work? 


Ironshark Nutrition offers 15 different strains of probiotics to remedy daily intestinal discomfort and guarantee better intestinal flora. The greater the number of beneficial bacteria, the more favorable the health effect will be.

* Better digestion
* Synthesis of vitamins B and K
* Strengthening of the immune system thanks to the combination of 15 probiotic strains
* Creation of a "barrier" effect by opposing the colonization of the intestines by bad bacteria

As you will have understood, probiotics are extremely effective in rebuilding the intestinal flora and the digestive walls damaged, irritated and inflamed by a poor diet, the abuse of alcohol, antibiotics, drugs, gluten... They thus repair the intestinal mucosa in depth, and protect the body from viral and bacterial infections , germs, chemicals and heavy metals present in our food.

Probiotics, your health ally with multiple virtues

In addition to their barrier effect to toxins, probiotics can restore intestinal balance, but also fight infectious diarrhea , chronic constipation can have serious consequences on the quality of the intestinal flora. Probiotics promote the elimination of toxins , bacteria, which are still present in the digestive tract and then reduce the pain associated with chronic inflammation.

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Probiotics play a major role in metabolism , growth, and weight. They occupy an important place in the assimilation of proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, necessary for the growth of bones, hair, muscles, teeth and skin cells.

Probiotics deeply rebalance all intestinal transit and digestion, thus increasing the immunity, energy and vitality of the whole organism.
They are the biggest shield for our body, the first major defense of our immune system.

👉 Taking care of your gut health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (sufficient sleep, physical activity, etc.) helps maintain good general health.

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