Préparez votre corps avant le ski !

Prepare your body before skiing!

How to prepare well for a ski holiday?

Winter sports holidays are fast approaching!

In order to take full advantage of your stay, it is very important to prepare your body and avoid any risk of injury.

Discover all our tips now!

Muscle building:

Strengthening the muscles around your knee will allow you to protect your joints but also improve your strength and stability when practicing this sport.

The position taken on skis will mainly solicit your quadriceps and your hamstrings.

So favor exercises, squats, lunges but also leg curl and leg extension to work in isolation.

Work on your mobility:

Working on your mobility improves the flexibility of the joints, which is necessary in skiing.

Mobility improves the ability to make controlled movements while strengthening the joints.

It will minimize the risk of injury, as better mobility will allow you to perform your movements correctly without compensating with other muscles.

Protect your joints:

The use of food supplements will allow you to minimize the risk of injury during your stay.

Ironshark Nutrition's collagen and arthro complex will be your best allies to calmly prepare your body.

The collagen:

It promotes joint comfort. It also reduces pain and prevents the degeneration of bone cartilage.

Arthro complex:

The arthro complex participates in the formation and repair of cartilage.

It is therefore an ally of choice to protect the joints and reduce pain and joint inflammation.

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