Tout savoir sur le sélénium

All about selenium

 Selenium is an essential trace element that plays an important role in human health. It is present in many foods, including seafood, nuts, grains and legumes. Selenium is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Here are its benefits:

It increases the immune defenses

Selenium helps maintain healthy immune function, it is used to protect cells from oxidative damage and it also aids in the proper functioning of the reproductive glands and spermatogenesis.

It helps fight diseases

Selenium is also considered an important nutrient for the prevention of cancer and heart disease. It may also help reduce symptoms of the autoimmune thyroid disease called Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

It maintains healthy skin and hair

Selenium plays an important role in the health of hair, nails and skin. It acts as an antioxidant by protecting cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals whose formation is favored, among other things, by tobacco, pollution, the sun, and the intake of alcohol. Excessive presence of free radicals in the body has serious consequences for the hair.

The hair more easily suffers the misdeeds of external aggressions and weakens to the point of sometimes even causing more or less significant hair loss. Benefiting from the benefits of antioxidants such as selenium in a hair and nail cure will therefore allow you to maintain pretty nails and healthy hair.

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