Les résolutions pour 2022 !

Resolutions for 2022!

Stay motivated and achieve your goals with your new resolutions!

In this new year 2022, why not set new goals ? Exercising more, eating healthier or even losing weight, everything is possible with determination! Ironshark Nutrition accompanies you to carry out all your projects!

How to establish effective resolutions?

Set achievable short and long term goals

To start, set resolutions to achieve on different time frames. Choose projects that are achievable in the long term, then add the steps necessary to achieve each of these goals.

Declining your resolutions in this form will allow you to stay motivated throughout the year. And yes ! Each level reached will make you proud and will push you to continue on this path !

Resolutions, yes! But in reasonable quantity

To stay on course all year long, avoid too long a list of goals. This will have the opposite effect and discourage you over time! Prefer to focus on the projects that are really important to you.

Reducing your number of resolutions does not mean reducing your ambition! On the contrary, with achievable goals over a year, it will be much easier to stick to the end. To put an end to procrastination and the resolutions that we push back or forget from the month of February!

Choose goals that suit you

It may seem obvious, but choosing resolutions that fit with your values ​​and your desires is essential to stay motivated ! Avoid trendy resolutions that won't stick in the long run.

Choose goals that inspire you while going beyond your limits ! Prioritizing them will allow you to move forward with your projects at your own pace, don't put pressure on yourself.

How to keep your resolutions?

Prepare a routine

To anchor your new good habits, prepare a routine ! So you will not be caught off guard, and you will be able to adapt your daily life to these changes. Replacing your old activities with your new ones will ensure a smoother transition.

The routine allows you to repeat the same actions every day. The brain takes an average of three weeks to get used to a new habit, so stay motivated and the results will be there!

be fit

Motivation goes through energy , so you must be in good shape to move forward in all your projects! Especially if you want to get back into sport, push your limits or simply get healthier, Ironshark has you covered!

Our multivit , a complex of several essential nutrients is a good way to start your fitness! During this winter period, it is interesting to supplement your diet with a zinc and vitamin D supplement . Their benefits strengthen your immune defenses, to be on the job at the start of the year! Ironshark Nutrition has an entire range dedicated to well-being , which will accompany you all year round.

For beginners or experienced athletes, our food supplements dedicated to sports nutrition will help you achieve your goals! Our Shark Rice Cream or rice cream will be perfect for adding indulgence to your dishes, while remaining healthy for your body.

be proud of yourself

Last but not least, be proud of yourself ! Celebrate every small victory, your motivation will be strengthened! Be kind to yourself, the pursuit of your goals will take a long time, so stay motivated!

The whole Ironshark Nutrition team wishes you a happy new year 2022!

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