Comment réduire son stress au quotidien ?

How to reduce daily stress?

Stress can have harmful consequences on the body . Between sleep disorders, headaches, intestinal problems, reduced immune defenses, the list can be long. Iron Shark Nutrition gives you advice to mitigate these effects, and reduce your stress.

What is stress ?

Let's first start by understanding what stress is and how our body reacts in times of anxiety. During a stressful episode, the body secretes several hormones such as dopamine , cortisol or endorphin . However, in the long term a secretion of cortisol can be dangerous.

Indeed, its role is to release sugar in the body to meet an increased demand for energy . Consequently, if the stress becomes chronic, it leads to an increase in blood glucose and a weakening of the immune defenses .

Our advice to help you reduce your stress

Have a regular sleep pattern

Sleep is essential in the event of a prolonged stressful situation . It allows the body to rest , and limits the harmful effects of anxiety. Restful sleep also helps strengthen the immune system.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, melatonin may be a solution. It is a hormone naturally produced by our body. It is released in case of darkness (at nightfall) to facilitate falling asleep . Its peak is reached between 2 and 4 am then decreases the rest of the night in order to prepare the body for waking up.

A diet rich in omega 3

Omega 3s have a major role in stress management and the body's adaptation to this situation. Indeed, they act on the brain and contribute to the reinforcement of protection at the cellular level.

There are foods rich in omega 3 such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, walnuts or even avocado. However, diet alone can sometimes be insufficient, so a dietary supplement is necessary.

Anticipate as much as possible

To avoid unnecessary and unpleasant stress, anticipating your days can be very beneficial. Preparing your meals the day before, the tasks to be done and prioritizing them, will allow you to have an overview of your day. That way, you'll be better prepared and more productive .

For this, organizational applications, to-do list are available everywhere. You can also write everything down on paper if you prefer!

Practice a physical activity

Whether intense or more moderate , exercising physically helps reduce stress. Physical activity triggers the production of hormones called endorphins. They cause a feeling of well-being which helps to reduce anxiety.

To recharge your batteries more quickly, a cure of magnesium , vitamin D and zinc can help you boost your energy, especially during a change of season.

If you want to know more about our health products, see our “ Health - Well-being ” section.

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